Brothers, Mohammad and Shakir Abu Zaed, are originally from Haifa, Palestine, and they come from a long tradition of passionate food purveyors.
Their Grandfather had a successful restaurant in Baghdad, Iraq and their Uncle’s Felafel shop nearby was famous for selling over 1500 Felafel rolls daily!
Mohammad and Shakir are professionally trained chefs with over 20 years of experience, they also spent 7 years in the Malaysian fine dining sector working in the Tarbush restaurant, inside the Marriot Hotel
Now relocated to Sydney they have launched Teba catering to continue their culinary journey and their passion for fine Palestinian and Middle Eastern cuisine
Palestinian culinary traditions echo throughout modern Middle Eastern food, Palestinians being the originators of Zaatar (a delicious herbal blend using fresh Oregano, used to flavour an array of dishes), and also the first to use chick peas in felafel.
Mohammad and Shakir have worked hard to create delicious menus suitable for any occasion, they pride themselves on their exceptional flavours and beautiful presentation
You are invited to a world of flavour!